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Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

LHR 08:05

London, UK
1 Stop

CCU 02:05

Kolkata, INDIA

Qatar Airways
Qatar airways

CCU 02:05

Kolkata, INDIA
1 Stop

LHR 18:00

London, UK
Air India
Air India

LHR 21:05

London, UK
1 Stop

CCU 12:15

Kolkata, INDIA

Air India
Air India

CCU 17:50

Kolkata, INDIA
1 Stop

LHR 10:15

London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Consider traveling during shoulder seasons (between peak and off-peak) for potential savings. Look out for special sales by airlines.

[List the airlines that offer direct flights - research for specifics]. Sometimes, flights with short connections can be cheaper than direct options.

Flight times vary depending on the specific route and if there are connections. Provide an average time range (e.g., Direct flights are approximately 10-11 hours, while flights with layovers can take longer).

Provide a brief overview of the visa requirements. Include a link to the official embassy or consulate website for detailed information.

List options like taxis, airport shuttles, and public transport. Provide an estimated cost range depending on the chosen method.

Kolkata offers options to suit different budgets. Consider hostels, guesthouses, and self-catering apartments for affordable stays. [You could include a few specific examples with links if possible].

Kolkata, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, offers a myriad of attractions and activities for visitors to explore. At the heart of the city lies the iconic Victoria Memorial, a stunning architectural masterpiece that showcases the history of India during the British Raj.

The dry season (May-October) is generally considered the best time with pleasant weather. Avoid the rainy season (November-April) if possible.

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Passport & Visas

  • Check the passport and visa requirements for the countries you are visiting / transiting in on your planned journey - make sure you apply for them well in advance of your date of travel

  • Check the legitimacy of your Passport and Visas.

  • Don't forget your passport and visa on the day of travel.

  • If you misplace your passport or visa please speak to the embassy or consulate immediately in the country you are traveling in.

Security Precautions

  • Put a luggage strap around your case for easy credentials and superfluous securely.

  • If you misplace your passport or visa please contact the embassy or consulate immediately in the country you are traveling in.

  • Never carry packages on behalf of anyone else, however genuinely they seem to be.

  • Never go away luggage unattended at airports, this creates a high security risk.

Health Precautions

  • Check the inoculation and health requirements for all of the countries you are visiting on your journey. Please be aware some vaccinations need to be administered 4-6 weeks before travel.

  • If you are carrying medicines or medications with you please keep a note of your condition and the medication you require somewhere handy e.g. a piece of paper inside the cover of your passport, where it can be easily found in an emergency.

  • Ensure you take extra supplies of medication in case you get delayed abroad.

Air Tickets

  • Check the ticket for Flight(s) details & accuracy as soon as you recieve it.

  • Keep your tickets with your passport and visas and do not forget them on the day you travel.

Baggage Packing

  • Pack the night before you travel, to save rushing and being late for your flight.

  • Check the weather forecast at your destination before travelling to avoid taking unnecessary luggage.

  • Roll clothes instead of folding them, it creates less creases. Honest!

  • Pack travel sizes of all of the lotions and potions you require to save space.

Baggage Allowance

  • Check with the airline you are traveling with on the stipulated baggage allowances.

  • Ensure that your hand baggage allowance does not exceed the level enforced by the airline you are traveling with. This ensures unnecessary embarrassment at the check-in desk, having to move luggage from your hand baggage to your suitcase.

Getting To & From The Airport

  • Check timetables for public transport in advance to ensure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time.

  • If taking your car pre-book parking wherever possible or get someone to give you a lift in order to save time.

  • Wherever possible use only metered taxis around the airport.

Foriegn Currency

  • Make sure you have enough foreign currency for your immediate arrival into a foreign country, particularly if your flight arrives at an odd hour.

  • Always make a list of the Credit / Debit Card numbers and travelers cheques you are carrying along with the suppliers contact numbers in case they get lost.

Special Requests

  • Give airlines plenty of notice for special meal requirements or seating requests.


  • Try to drink plenty of water whilst on the aircraft as this helps to counter dehydration.

  • Check in flight magazines, for gentle exercises to do whilst on board to stop stiffness and tiredness of joints

  • Check in flight magazines, for gentle exercises to do whilst on board to stop stiffness and tiredness of joints

  • Cleanse and moisturize skin regularly whilst on board again to counter dehydration.

  • Eat a light meal onboard as easier to digest, avoid excessive carbohydrates and fats.


These tickets are for the most part very similar to tickets you would buy directly from the airlines. You can request special meals, get advanced seat assignments and almost always acquire frequent flyer mileage. An advantage is that these tickets are often refundable (with a cancel penalty).

All rates quoted can be paid with a Credit Card / Debit Card. You can also pay the amount in our bank account.

You should expect to receive your tickets/vouchers within 7 days of your date of travel. If travel is within 7 days your ticket will be sent within 24 hours after receiving full payment. It may be necessary for you to collect your air tickets at the airport if you are travelling within 7 days of your departure date. E-Tickets will be sent by 1st class post at client's own risk or via e-mail which you need to print and take to the airport. Late Bookings may also require Registered/Courier delivery of documents in which case the appropriate charges will have been advised at the time of booking.

You can cancel a flight by writing or by speaking to one of our Customer Relations agents on the telephone. All cancellation requests need to be received prior to departure. Email us at Reservations will be cancelled automatically if any payment has not been received within 72 hours of the booking. All tickets are issued on a non-refundable / non-endorsable basis unless otherwise stated.

Yes, but you cannot pay the full payment of the ticket with someone else's credit or debit card. You can only pay a deposit and rest of the amount you can pay by bank transfer or by cash in our business account.

Our search engine is different from other search engines. We basically show you the lowest rates that we have without taking availability into account. The next step is then to see if space is available for that specific fare. This way you know what the lowest fare in the market is. If it is not available you can now change dates to possibly get this fare or simply select a higher fare. -- How many times have you called an airline and asked for a price for specific dates of travel. When they quote you a price they do not tell you that if you leave the day before you may have saved $250. Wouldn't it be nice to know this beforehand? We try to do this.

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